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Who we are

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Rouya is an Arabic homophone.
It's a forward vision, but also a dream. Conceiving this project, for us, was both and we carry that ethos with us throughout our work.

What we do at Rouya is multi-faceted and interdisciplinary.
With a local team of writers, media specialists, PR strategists, curatorial, marketing and business consultants, Rouya is a one-stop shop that provides the kind of contextualised knowledge that businesses, cultural producers and organisations can benefit from.

Whether you have a business idea you want to launch, or if you want to connect with the community on a deeper, more authentic level, we have the professional know-how to help you.

Collectively, we speak Arabic, English, Urdu, and Hindi. As a team, we are a melange of identities and experiences - mostly homegrown with a global twist - and we believe that this is what makes our work necessary and valuable. We consider what we do a contribution towards a growing body of critical thinking and production.

What We Do

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Public Relations
Strategic Communications
Social Media
Crisis Communications
Community Outreach
Reputation Management
Internal Communications
Media Relations
Media Training
Event Management
Content Development & Localisation
Translation and Editing
Design and Branding
Project Management

Some of our Clients

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Art Jameel
Art Jameel
Cinema Akil
Dubai Design and Fashion Council
Maraya Art Centre
Art Jameel
Sharjah Architecture Triennial
Gulf Photo Plus
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"Working with Rouya PR combines the closeness of working with family and the professionalism of a top tier boutique agency – you can never go back"
Butheina Kazim, founder of Cinema Akil

“Rouya PR is made up of a bunch of superheroes. They go that extra mile and out of their way for whoever they work with. Thank you Rouya team!”
Salem Al-Qassimi, Founder and Principal of Fikra

“My relationship with Rouya is intimate to say the least. Ever since I met them while they were still starting their dream, I found in them the dedication, and enthusiasm topped by really positive attitude. They are the ideal collaborative public relations team.”
Maha Adel, Al Khaleej Newspaper

"Rouya Consultancy is an actual one stop shop for all communication-related services. The creative team of Rouya is what I rely on for any doubts when it comes to managing my ongoing projects. They're always available, committed & focused on delivering best tailored services for my business.”
Iman Al Midfa, creative director of GHIZLAN

“Working with enthusiastic, culture-centric team at Rouya was a pleasure: their knowledge and feel for how the GCC ticks is second to none.”
Antonia Carver, director of Art Jameel

“Handling my business with professionalism and love. No one can take care of it like Rouya Consultancy.”
Maitha Hamdan, founder of Decencia

“Rouya Consultancy helped us increase our online visibility and press coverage. They are a professional, efficient and reliable team to work with”
NAKKASH Gallery team

“Working with Rouya has been wonderful. They understand what we do and are always proactive in identifying opportunities for us that fit our ethos and brand. In today’s fast paced media environment, it is fantastic to have a partner that is responsive and our relationship is more like a collaborator rather than client/agency.”
Mohamed Somji, Co-Director of Gulf Photo Plus


Ila Al Amam (IAA) is now Rouya’s content development arm for the culture & art scene in the region. Our team boasts a creative collective of writers and translators specialised in art, culture and creative writing.

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